Judge’s Report  Junior Stake.  Moniaive  - Mr. Graham Cook I would like to thank the ABB for asking me to judge junior stake at these trials. I would like to thank the land owners and tenants for allowing us to use their land. Thank you to all the line walkers and competitors who had the unenviable task of negotiating  those hills.  Thanks also to my assistant Richard Turnbull and Matt Price for stepping in as required, Ian Sayles for managing junior day and getting everyone to where they had to be on time.  Your help was much appreciated. Line 1. Nick Sutcliffe. Sanft Daylight We started on a very mild, still morning.  The line started with a gentle left loop up to a gate half way up the first field on the left.  The hound slowly left the flags heading straight forward to a gap in the dry stone wall and continued across the next field in a straight line.  Without a glance back, which would have shown them that the judges had not moved, they moved into the 3rd field where they disappeared right handed behind the tree line.  Richard was sent after them to bring them back, and I continued on line to the first gate.  It was tough going and the hill was a lot steeper than it looked; it took quite a while to catch up with the hound and handler.  The plan was to get them back on line some 4 fields out but effectively a considerable amount of the line was missed and they had not been on line since the very start.  I left them to be followed by Matt who reported that they made slow progress to the end but not convincingly hunting.  There was no id. Line 2. Rob Manley. Ch.Trailfinder Kitchener From the flags the hound hunted accurately through the first field.  In the 2nd field the hound checked a gate on the right hand side.  Rob took him through but then the hound discounted that and came back where they picked up the track quickly and accurately.  They went straight on into the next field via another gate, the hound speeding up and perfectly on the line. The line was pretty straight in the next field but went over a wire fence about 4ft high, which the hound clearly marked.  The hound was encouraged over the fence but was reluctant.  They tried getting through the middle of the fence, then under the fence.  The hound was even trying to dig his way under!   We were amused to see there was a gathering of about 30 sheep that had come to watch
the spectacle of hound and handler trying to get over the fence.  Rob then tried to pick Carter up, but again unsuccessful.  At last, Rob noticed the gate about  20 metres or so to the right, took the hound through and very quickly regained the line. The line went off to the right then looped left and then straight for the next 2 fields before going off to the right around the edge of a wood. The hound was unquestionably on line and hunted steadily in to the finish, sadly with no real id.  50 minutes. Line 3. Jackie Wallace. Sherlock Charming From the flags the hound worked steadily over the field and correctly crossed over the wall by a tree.  The line continued straight on from there, the hound hunting just a bit off to the left.  They correctly came through the gate where the line went in a big left to right loop, although I thought the hound had wanted to follow this, a more direct route was taken.  The land was really difficult to get across, big ditches, high grasses, rocks and marshes, and progress was slow.  They should have crossed and regained the line a bit further on so I allowed them to continue, hoping that the hound would pick up the scent.  Sadly this did not happen, and they continued on in the right direction but not on line. The line went around Whitehillcairn, where Pilgrim picked up the scent and moved through the next field slowly but accurately.  From this point the line walker could be seen, although still a considerable way off.  The hound was hunting away from the line walker which was correct as there was a huge loop to do in that last field. Unfortunately, Jackie pulled him off line, (I counted 4 times!) to take him down to the finish. No id. Line 4. Nick Sutcliffe. Clearwater’ Emerald Sanft The hound was immediately unleashed at the flags and took off at good speed, correctly on line. There was a track more or less running parallel to the first part of the line so with the hound making an impressive start we made our way briskly along the track. The first three fields were hunted brilliantly, the hound was focussed and a pleasure to watch. The hound stopped at a metal gate, quickly joined by Nick and they moved into the next field. Unfortunately, the ground conditions changed substantially here and the hound struggled to carry on in the impressive way she had shown to this point. The line walker confirmed later that sheep had been all over that bit of land and obviously affected the scent.
I left at this point, leaving Richard to follow, who gave assistance to Nick to get the hound back on line.  At the roadside, I was able to see from the end of the line, the hound flying in towards the finish, speaking on line, and a good id.  An amazing finish, tremendous to watch, considering several cows were at this point chasing at the hound.  Well done to the line walker Barry Allen for his quick response in scaring away the cattle.  Could have been nasty. Line 5. Ann Freer. Isis of Roberts Choice. A good enthusiastic start from the flags, she hunted the first three fields along by Dalwat water making good steady progress.  They correctly made the turn to the right, past some ruins at Shieldykes and started the very steep climb uphill. Near the top, the hound went off to the left but was brought back by Anne and nicely picked the scent up again.  Through a gate the hound investigated a dead sheep and then hunted on through the field.  The line went higher towards black top but the hound had lost a bit of its drive by this point and kept lower, missing a loop from the line.  It was obvious when the hound regained the line as from that point she flew- the hound was unleashed at this point, with the line walker in sight, she steamed in, very impressive but sadly no id. I was happy to present 1st place, the Alresford Cup  to Ch. Trailfinder Kitchener. Certificate of merit and Speaking cup to Clearwater’ Emerald Sanft. and Certificate of merit to Isis of Roberts Choice.