Open Bitch (3 entries, 2 absent) 1. Powell’s Ch. TRAILFINDER HOPSCOTCH, another first class red from the same stable as the previous class winner and half sister.  Correctly proportioned skull, scored in shoulders, length, bend of stifle, well carried stern and movement. RESERVE C.C. Veteran Bitch (1 entry)                        . . . . . . . . . . 1. Billitt & Goodall’s TALIESINS GEORGIA OF SAALACH  Was there a dry eye watching this old lady of nearly 14,  enjoying the moment moving up and down the ring?  What a privilege to award her her place in history. Working Trial Bitch (2 entries) 1. Sutcliffe’s Ch. SU Ch. CAMMONSTONE JUBILANT SANFT, most attractive blanket liver, excellent in head qualities, strong bone, tight feet, topline and bend of stifle, correct stern carriage and moved well.          . . . . . . . . . 2. Green’s MARKSBURY HUMILITY, would prefer a darker eye and did not have the presence of 1st.   Moved well. BEST OPPOSITE SEX TRAILFINDER JUST A DREAM < | ^ | >