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 ABB Championship Show 7th September 2014 Judge: Ken Miller (Millvery) My thanks for your kind invitation to judge this lovely breed; I really enjoyed my day from start to finish.  My special thanks go to show manager Robert, my two hard working stewards, Andrew & Ian, and the rest of the committee. Thanks to the exhibitors for your entry. Overall the entry had a lot of quality with excellent temperaments of the hounds, who were in lovely condition. Some of the exhibits gave me difficult choices. Puppy Dog 1st. Priestley’s Railside Pluto at Quikotic Junior Dog 1st. Hudson’s Graceminster Pennhaligon This 17 month old dog has a nice outline lovely length of back. Well proportioned skull. Good eyes. Long neck into a firm topline. Nice bend of stifle. Just needs to settle on the move.  Novice Dog 1st. Harrington’s Houndsong Caruzzo When stacked he showed a good outline in profile with correct proportions.  Good bone & body. Nice front. Nice bend of stifle. Nice head balance of skull to foreface. Well handled, I would like to see more drive on the move to complete the picture. Post Graduate Dog Entries absent 
7 month old b/t, well grown, outgoing puppy with good bone, lovely clear eyes, good length of leathers.  Lovely outline in profile with correct proportions.  Good front. Adequate rear angulations.  Moved well.  Long head with balance of skull to foreface, kind expression BP & RCC. One to watch.
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Limit Dog 1st. Emrys-Jones’s Graceminster Percival           of Marksbury    Open Dog 1st. Burnside & Manley’s Ch. Trailfinder Kitchener Lovely in profile. Lovely reach of neck. Nice skull shape & occiput, flews & dewlap. Good lip, nice eyes. Good shoulders, topline  & depth of chest. Correct stern carriage. Nice feet. Moved well while holding his topline. CC & BIS  2nd. Shaw-Browne’s Aspencade Eclipse of Kingshart  Blanket B&T.  Beautiful head shape in proportion with pronounced occiput.  Lovely furnishings, clear eyes. Nice length of back. Good feet. Correct stern carriage. Moved well.
B&T gave his handler a hard time.  When stood he has a lovely outline in profile with correct proportions.  Lovely bone.  Good front. Nice bend of stifle. Nice head, leathers and a kind expression.  Didn’t move well. He will do better when he relaxes.
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3rd Priestley’s Marksbury Prattle at Quikotic  Res. Cudlip’s Brighton’s Cent to Harvidene Veteran Dog 1st. McKenzie’s Farlap Baracnik of Moorlander 7 year old dark b/t with lovely outline.  Good length of head.  Lovely forechest. Good shoulders, topline and bend of stifle. Lovely bone with tight feet.  Moving with a long stride, but not putting in much effort today. 2nd. Priestley’s Marksbury Matchless 10 year old in good condition. Masculine head with adequare furnishings. Good length , nice shoulders good return to upper arm.  Good depth covering the ground well for his age. Well bent stifles with low set hocks. Lost a little precision in his movement. Well handled. Working Trial Dog  Entries absent Best Dog:   Burnside & Manley’s Ch. Trailfinder Kitchener. Reserve Best Dog:   Priestley’s Railside Pluto at Quikotic. Best Puppy Dog:   Priestley’s Railside Pluto at Quikotic.
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Puppy Bitch 1st. Higginbottom’s Railside Phyllis Litter sister to the puppy dog winner. All the same attributes.  Nicely balanced, good eyes.  Nice head with parallel planes. Good reach of neck.  Level topline, well laid shoulders.  Nice bend of stifle.  Took a while to settle, but eventually showed sound movement.  She should do well as she gets more confidence. Best Puppy Bitch Junior Bitch 1st. Harrison’s Aspencade Fair Lady Well balanced red. good head with clear eyes. Level topline Nice stifles and stern set. Moved well. Novice Bitch 1st. Shaw-Browne’s Aspencade Fennel of Kingshart
Nice headed with lovely clear eyes. Good length of back with well set stern.  Good feet moved well, but I would prefer a shade more bone.
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Post Graduate Bitch 1st. Hudson’s Graceminster Patience Lovely bitch very well balanced with correct proportions.  Sweet feminine head with good eyes. Nice leathers. Good front and shoulders level topline. Nice feet. Played her handlers up on the move, but did enough to show that if she wants to she can move well. Reserve Best Bitch & RCC  2nd. Lamb’s Maplemead Myrmidon  of Scentall Another nice bitch. Good head and furnishings. Plenty of bone. Good construction with nice shoulders & well angulated quarters.  Good stern set.  Took a while to settle on the move. 3rd. Cudlip’s Aspencade Fantasy at Harvidene Res. Sutcliffe’s   Sanft Daylight Limit Bitch 1st. Burnside & Manley’s Captiva Od Hadiho Potoka at Houndseeker This bitch excels on the move with a long effortless stride in profile.      Sound going and coming. Nice head with adequate furnishings.          Good shoulders & bend of stifle. I personally            would just like her to drop in body to                  complete the picture.  
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2nd. O’Keefe’s Trailfinder Ode to Indy at Darleycliffe Lovely big honest bitch with lovely head & furnishings.  Well balanced with lovely shoulders & good front. Good body..  Well angulated and muscled quarters..  Lost out on movement today. 3rd. Harrison’s Aspencade Ember Res. Sutcliffe’s Sanft Dawn Open Bitch 1st. Alford’s Maplemead Memoir Top class bitch.  Lovely outline and proportions, especially length of head. Lovely expression.  Good skull shape.  Low set leathers and correct furnishings.  Good eyes.  Good back and topline. Nice bend of stifle.  Lovely bone. Her handler got her to move really well. Best Bitch &   CC. 2nd. Peers’s Ch. Maplebay True Superstar at Cilgwri  Lovely big sound bitch, not the reach of neck of 1st. Good bone & length of back. Good shoulders & front.  Nice tight feet. Excellent eyes good length of head with adequate furnishings. Well handled getting the best out of her & was unlucky to have met bitch who came  
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  Veteran Bitch  No Entries  Working Trial Bitch 1st. Sutcliffe’s Clearwater’s    Xmoor FT Emerald Sanft  Attractive hound excellent in bone & length of back. Good shoulders & bend of stifle. Nicely muscled up. Moves well with drive. Would like a slighty finer skull. Brood Bitch 1st. Harrison’s Aspencade Ember.
Brace 1st. Priestley’s Prattle & Pluto 2nd. Sutcliffe’s Dawn & Daylight Stud Dog  No entries. 
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[  BIS, Ch. Trailfinder Kitchener’s head features on the front cover of Magazine 83 ]
BIS: Burnside & Manley’s RBIS & BOS: Alford’s  Ch. Trailfinder Kitchener. Maplemead Memoir. BPIS: Priestley’s Railside Pluto at Quikotic.    RBPIS: Higginbottom’s Railside Phyllis