ABB Open Show April 15th 2012 Judge’s Report by Dr. Helen Almey It was a real honour to judge this most enjoyable show and I would like to thank the  exhibitors for the welcoming & sporting atmosphere.  The entry was interesting and  there were some challenging decisions.  With 1 exception temperament was  excellent – I was treated to a lot of kisses!  Mouths concerned me as there were a  number that were undershot.  Eyes were on the whole as per the standard, the  majority were acceptable and many were good.  One male did, however give me real concern.  I was particularly pleased with the Puppy & Junior B classes.  Movement is very important to me, particularly as this is a working dog, and in many cases this was the deciding factor in my decisions today. PD (2, 0 absentees) 1st.  McKenzie’s SANFT CHARGER OF MOORLANDER – 6 months,  Litter brothers, 1 moved well & 2 stood beautifully- put them together & you had a really good show dog!                                                                Loved both their temperaments.  1 is                                                                slightly bigger & rangier at the moment &                                                                standing doesn’t quite have the balance                                                                of 2,  but he moved accurately for age                                                                with good drive.  Really liked the balance                                                                & body shape of 2,  but could not keep                                                                 his feet on the ground on the move.                                                                2nd.  Bal’s SANFT CHIMER JD( 2, 0) 1st.  Emrys-Jones’s MARKSBURY RUIN – well grown lad of 11 months with a good outline. Very typical typical head, good neck , shoulders & topline. Bigger rangier dog that now needs time to fill out & mature into his body, it was this maturity that lost him RBD today. Moved out well, covering the ground BPD
2nd.  O’Keefe’s TRAILFINDER MCCLOUD AT DARLEYCLIFFE- loved the head & expression & overall shape of this dog. Just not moving as well as 1 today. 3rd. Arrowsmith’s  ASPENCADE EBONY –  Pleasing head & expression, OK proportions and angles. Needs some ring training & socialisation. PGD (3,0) 1st.  Shaw-Brown’s ASPENCADE ECLIPSE OF KINGSHART– pleasing young man, well balanced, masculine head, correct mouth, good length of neck, good topline, well angulated quarters. Moved out well. Still needs time to mature in body. 2nd.  Harrison’s ASPENCADE ENDEAVOR -  brother to 1, handled to get the best out of him, many of 1’s comments apply 3rd. Jones’s HUVAHENDHOO                                   OLHUVELI
2nd PGD  Endeavour
3rd PGD  Olhuveli
LD (2,0) 1st.  Shaw-Browne’s ASPENCADE ENTERPRISE OF KINGSHART – Very difficult decision here, heavier & more forward than his brothers in the previous class, masculine head of correct balance, good neck,                                                                           correct length of back, his movement                                                                           tipped the balance over 2 today                                                                           whose head I particularly liked.                                                                           2nd.  Priestley’s MARKSBURY                                                                                  PRATTLE OF QUIXOTIC
1st LD  Enterprise
OD (2,0) 1st.  Lamb’s SCENTALL LEGEND – Mature liver hound, well balanced head, good mouth, lovely neck & shoulder, excellent body with good topline, good strong quarters, moved accurately with drive. Very disappointing that he didn’t use his tail at all on the move but his other qualities and maturity gave him.                                    RBD and RBIS 2nd.  McKenzie’s FARLAP BARACNIK OF MOORLANDER – different type to 1 but many good qualities, particularly liked his front end.  Like 1 didn’t use his tail on the move and unfortunately was tucking his backend in standing. WTD 1st.  Priestley’s ANLUAN CAERWYN – BIS – Impressed as he came in the ring & didn’t disappoint. Really pleased with this strong unexaggerated all male hound, a specialist may like a slightly longer head but he appealed for his masculinity, good clean eyes, correct mouth,  strong neck, good shoulder, correct length of back, good strong quarters, moved out truly with drive, well carried stern. BD  & BIS
PB (5,1) 1st.  Sutcliffe’s SANFT DAYLIGHT – headed the best class of the day and would have happily given 1st to any of them,  6 months confident feminine young lady with good bone & body, correctly balanced head, well-shaped body with good shoulders and quarters, messed about a bit on the move but did enough to see that she moved well for age with good drive, well carried stern, pressed hard by 2 who I really liked but at 11 months just beginning to head towards “teenage”  and looking a little rangier. 2nd.  Peer’s MAPLEMAY TRUE          3rd.  Howie’s SANFT DAYA        SUPERSTAR AT CILGWRI                       VON JAEGERSMANN
JB (2,0)  1st.  Sutcliffe’s SANFT DAWN – another of this lovely litter, very nice head, goodbone and body, well laid shoulders, good topline, well carried stern, moved out well covering the ground with drive. Although very young , for me was the complete package today & couldn’t find anything to beat her. BB & BPIS   2nd. Powell’s TRAILFINDER MOONBEAM – another promising young lady excelling in breed type, with good construction, particularly liked her shoulders & quarters,  just tucking her tail under her a bit today which did not help hind movement.
NB (1,0) 1st.  Kenvyn’s TRAILFINDER LAVENDER Feminine bitch of typical breed type,  well laid shoulder, good quarters, would prefer slightly tighter feet
PGB(1,0) 1st.  Harrison’s ASPENCADE EMBER – young bitch who needs time to mature as was looking a little light in body, balanced head, good shoulder, correct proportions, good quarters, would like a little more bone, moved OK. LB(3,1) 1st.  Peers’s CILGWRI MEDIEVAL STAR -  Honest bitch, good head, strong well-made (may be a little plump ) body with good topline, looked a little awkward standing but showed balance on the move when she moved out well, maturity gave her RBB. 2nd.  Powell’s TRAILFINDER KIND SPIRIT – really liked this bitch but insisted on doing strange things on the move today . . difficult to determine whether she was lame or just being very silly! OB (1,0) Withdrew lame VB (1,1)                       Helen Almey (Judge)
Kind Spirit
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