Association of Bloodhound Breeders Open Show 2016 Judge: Miss Fiona McKenzie
Thank you to the Association of Bloodhound Breeders for inviting me to judge, and to all the exhibitors for giving me a very nice entry, not forgetting to thank my stewards, Nick Sutcliffe  and Debbie Pownall.  All hounds were in good condition with clean eyes and excellent temperament.  How lovely to see so many puppies.  I was delighted with the quality of my winners, who all possessed substance, good bone and feet with good movement. Puppy Dog 3 Entries (0 Absent) 1st Rowland's  Marwel Spirit of Bloodhound  (imp,Svk) 10 month black blanket.  Lovely head and expression, with excellent eyes.  A really well made dog of good proportions with good  front and rear angulation, had a tendency to hunch up slightly when being stood - a little over-awed by what I believe was his first show, but good topline on the move and moved with drive once settled I liked him very much. . . . one to watch. Best Puppy. 2nd Johnston's Adorandus Brigadier 10 month blanket black,  a tall lad but has the length to keep him in proportion.  I would have liked more forechest & depth, good feet, showed nicely movement a little wide behind. 3rd Jones' Harvidene Devil in Disguise Postgraduate Dog 1 Entry 1st Shaw-Browne's   Kingshart Middleman*
A solid built red just under 7 months with good bone, a little straight in stifle.  Movement going away erratic, a very happy chap who really just wanted to play rather than be in the ring today. Junior Dog & Novice Dog   No Entries
B/T rangy hound. I would prefer tighter feet. Lacking depth. Would like more of him all round, but at 22 months he may body up as he matures.  Nice head and expression.
Limit Dog 3 Entries (2 Absent) 1st Higginbottom's  Railside Pink Floyd B/T just over 2.  Nicely bodied up with depth. Nice front, good bone and feet with good angulation, nice head.  Movement going away a little erratic.  Res Best Dog, Res BIS.  Open Dog 1 Entry (0 Absent) 1st Lamb's  Scentall Legend Veteran Dog  No Entries Working Trial Dog 1 Entry (0 Absent) 1st Harrington's  Houndsong Caruzzo* Mature  5 year old black blanket.  Nice expression, would prefer more forechest and depth, good turn of stifle, well muscled.  Unfortunately he didn’t want to show at all today, his nose was glued to the ground!
So much to like about this mature, masculine Liver/tan hound. Classic beautiful head with excellent forequarters, super bone, well knuckled feet, deep keel, strong rear quarters enabling him to move with drive and purpose.  He's in a middle of a moult but it didnt detract from his quality.  I was pleased to award him  Best Dog & Best in Show.
Puppy Bitch 3 Entries (0 Absent) 1st  Lamb's Adorandus Poetry of Scentall 10 month Black blanket, pleasing head nicely proportioned with good depth and bone. Moved well once settled. 2nd  Williams' Adorandus Prudence Litter sister to 1, tall rangy girl, nice head, would prefer more forechest and depth, good feet.  Showed well. Junior Bitch No Entries Novice Bitch 1 Entry (1 Absent) Post Graduate Bitch 2 Entries (0 Absent) 1st  Page's Marbilus Brockley
3rd Cartwright's  Marbilus Ditcheat
B/T the baby of the day at just 6 months. Nice head with excellent eyes, good angluation and lovely bone and feet.  Unfortunately she was difficult to assess as rather fidegty this being her, and her handler’s, I believe, first show. There's a lot to like about her - I think she'll do well once she's settled into showing.
2nd  Shaw-Browne's Kingshart Mimic* 20 months.  Black blanket.  Lighter bodied and not the depth of 1, pleasing head and expression, moved nicely.
Mature 4 year old.  Very nicely made, well proportioned B/T with good depth, bone and feet.  Good head with sweet expression and good eyes, good angulation moved beautifully with drive and purpose in her class, but sadly must have done herself a minor injury prior to the challenge for BIS as by then she was intermittently coming down heavily on her right rear foot.  Best Bitch,  Best Opposite Sex.
Limit Bitch 2 Entries (0 Absent) 1st  Page's Marbilus Bruton Open Bitch 2 Entries (1 Absent) 1st   Harrison's  Aspencade Fair Lady** Veteran Bitch  1 Entry (1 Absent) Working Trial  Bitch 0 Entries
Red, Litter sister to PGB winner, with the same qualities, but I preferred the head and front of 1st PGB. Showed and moved very well.  Res Best Bitch 2nd  Harrison's Aspencade Ember**
Mature, nicely proportioned red with a pleasing head and expression, was very unsettled today, not cooperating with her handler at all making her difficult to assess.
B/T nearly 3,  well proportioned bitch, but would prefer more chest and depth & bone.  Nice head and expression and moved well.